2020 Huachangwang Annual Party

Success is accompanied by hardships, and joy is accompanied by sweat. Say goodbye to the brilliant achievements of 2019 and usher in the brilliance of 2020. The new year has come, a new chapter has opened, and the Spring Festival is coming soon. I wish all my colleagues and relatives and friends a happy new year, a lot of blessings, happy events, all things round and sweet, and a sweet smile~~~

Happy goddess day

Dedicated to the most beautiful you at different stages! Huachang Electronics wishes all female employees a 3.8 Happy Women's Day!

Southern Xinjiang will vigorously develop electronic product assembly industry to promote employment and alleviate poverty

At the Electronic Product Assembly Industry Development Forum in the Core Area of the Silk Road Economic Belt held in Shenzhen, it was learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the development of the electronic product assembly industry in Xinjiang to promote the development of the electronic product assembly industry in southern Xinjiang, drive employment and promote poverty alleviation. Special support policies.   At the Sixth China Electronics Fair held in Shenzhen, the electronic product assembly industry development forum and signing ceremony in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt hosted by Xinjiang Economic and Information Committee and Xinjiang Investment and Development Bureau was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum analyzed the current development situation of Xinjiang’s electronic product assembly industry and proposed

Application experience of security products based on NFC transceiver compatible with mainstream communication protocol

Compared with traditional short-range communication, near-field communication (NFC) has natural security and rapid connection establishment. These advantages also make NFC popular in the field of mobile phones and security, such as smart door locks, access control, etc. have NFC functions. Currently, a security product (keypad) I am working on has also added the NFC function. The traditional keypad is to set a password, and after the password is pressed, the keypad can perform subsequent work. With the addition of the NFC function, the user can directly swipe the card, and the keypad can be used for follow-up work without pressing the button.

Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced 13 pilot units for recycling of waste electrical and electronic products

What should I do with the replaced phone? This has always been a difficult problem to solve. I want to sell, but I am worried that my privacy and security will not be guaranteed after I sell it. I want to sell to formal recycling companies, but I don't know which ones are formal companies. On April 3, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced the first batch of 13 pilot units for the construction of a new recycling system for waste electrical and electronic products, many of which have businesses that recycle mobile phones. Through these enterprises, citizens can safely sell their updated mobile phones and other electronic products. After the announcement of the first batch of lists, is it convenient and safe to sell used mobile phones through these companies? The reporters started to investigate. pile

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